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IN 12 WEEKS IíVE WON 18 pounds (8,2 kg) of muscles.

- I'm Kristof (born 1977) from Belgium (Flemish side).


- 5 feet 9,69 inches (1m77)


- I never weight more than 116,845 pounds (53 kg) in my life. The last years, most of them I weight around 110 pounds (50 kg) and the lowest was 101 pounds (46 kg). An extreme ectormorf indeed.


- Since I was 14 year old, Iím a vegetarian, no meat and fish.


- The last 2 years I was a veganist, so everything that comes out of animals, I didnt eat, like eggs, milk, cheese, meat. Also no animal fat (I checked everything).


- I was very obsessed about my health, so I read lots lots lots and eat very extreme, only vegetables, fruit and nuts. Nothing more, nothing less. The last year I even measured everything, because I didnít want to eat more then 25 gram of proteins a day because eating to many is the trigger for many diseases. Two times a year I fast for 2 weeks. The reason for this was to get rid of all the toxic substances in my body. Then I lost 5 kg (11 pounds) and had lots of physical side effects. I think my body fat was down 5%. I was very much underweighted and all of my muscles were gone.


- Check out where you can everything found in dutch about eating healthy.


- I wanted to weight more and I did something very terrible for my body: I wanted to test myself If I can eat everything I wanted and not gaining fat at all. I Ďve be tired of hearing people say you got to eat more, because I always eated more than the average people ate and I always was hungry after 3 hours. So I eat 3 months lots of candy: chips, ice cream, chocolate, pie, etc. I took a box of pastry and eat the whole damn thing. But like I thought: never win a pound.


- So then I started to body build on my own. In april 2003 my weight was around 54 kg (119 pounds). I did everything wrong. Did it 5 months. After a while my muscles came more visible but after 4 months I only won 4,4 pounds (2 kg). Then I started to eat lots of weight gainers, and in one month I won another 4,4 pounds. I think most of it was fat. I stopped with the weightgainers and lost some. My weight was 57,8 kg (127,4 pounds).


- Then on the internet judgement day came: on a forum for skinny guys a guy wrote you had to go to . There was a solution for people like me. I went there, read 10 minutes and without reading it all I directly took my visa card and ordered the package.


- 27 october 2003, I started the program, and what a rushÖ I continously lose fat and win muscle at the same time.


Below you can see my results for the first 6 weeks of the program.